Free State Youth Entrepreneurship Summit and Expo 2017


The Free State Youth Entrepreneurship Awards 2017 will be first of its kind in the Free State province and it will be a direct compass that will be able to direct young people in business in the Free State, private sector and government regarding the direction the province should take in order to address the challenges facing youth business and also to paint a picture of what the intention of government and private sector has been doing for youth in business and what impact has been done. The summit also welcome commitments and pledges from different partners and stakeholders regarding the envisaged.

Free State Youth Entrepreneurship Summit and Expo 2017

03rd Free State Youth Entrepreneurship Awards 2016 are a fundraising programme of the chamber that will assist the chamber to raise funds to finance its operations as the chamber is currently not financed by government or private sector; but the primary intention is to reward youth in business for their hard work and dedication and allegiance to entrepreneurship.



The Youth Enterprise Support Programme (YESP) currently solely sponsored by Interstate Bus Lines (IBL), is a programme that is intended on consolidating all forms of resources across the province from both private and public sector to ensure that youth in business are able to access youth enterprise support intervention no matter where they are in the province.

Borrowed from Mangaung Metropolitan Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (MMYEP) LoxionBiz is a dedicated programme that is composed to facilitate support intervention for informal businesses in the rural areas and townships. The programme is themed “Shifting Expectations” and this imply that; the current belief is that informal business sector will never transform and contribute to the economy in the manner that established sector is.

Working in partnership with other YCCISA FS programmes such as “Ignite” and “FSyouthBiz Portal” the programme will keep a database of youth owned enterprise will be supported in partnerships with the municipalities and other relevant stakeholders as provided in the Youth Enterprise Development Strategy (YEDS, 2013 – 2023); I order to lobby for support and formalisation of the informal sector in the province and nationally in partnership with other Chambers.



FS Youth Biz Portal is an online instrument that is designed by the Chamber to consolidate all information relating to youth; the portal will assist all stakeholders playing in the Youth Enterprise Development sector as well as B-BBEE to access comprehensive information on youth businesses in one area at the same time and also in real time.

The portal is also meant to be a place where youth will be put into contact with business opportunities both in public and private sector.