Membership: Who Qualifies

The members of YCCI are the subcribed and Affiliated to Sectoral Constituencies, organised sectoral based Provincial structures and any other Organised Business Formation, Bodies as well as Associations admitted in accordance with the YCCI consitution.

1. The new YCCI Membership form is divided into categories:

(The membership fee FOR ALL CATEGORIES is renewable each year.)

2. Individual / Affiliated Sectoral Members

These members shall be ADMITTED to membership and be entered in the Province Sectoral members’ register data of which will be transfered to the National Office Membership Register on a quaterly basis. The MEMBERSHIP OF YCCI IS ONGONG – i.e. there is no limitation on membership Everybody is expected to renew memberhip on an annual basis. YCCI National Office Memebership Department will send “REMINDER/S” two months prior to the various membership expiry dates. Please note: there is a grace period of sixty (60) days after the expiry period after which period membership will then be terminated without any further notice. The fee is R500 per year. For ordinary members in each sector

3. Corporate Membership is also divided into four (4) categories:

You can view the corporate membership fees in the Membership Fees Guide